Erica Roman Blog

I write so that my healing may bring healing to others.




My name is Erica Roman. My life was forever changed on April 18, 2016 when my husband of 7 years and the love of my life died unexpectedly of an undetected heart condition, leaving me and our one year old daughter behind. A couple days after the funeral I discovered that I was pregnant with our son. I would have never imagined that I would end up a 27 year old, pregnant widow.

This has been a dark season for me but not my first. In the past I have overcome depression & suicide and came back from the brink of divorce & fell back in love. Because I have been able to make it through hardship in the past I know I will be able to make it through this, the hardest season I will likely ever face.

As I process my own healing journey through writing, it is my heart to be able to encourage others in their own struggles and bring understanding to those who have hurting people in their lives.

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