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I write so that my healing may bring healing to others.



Many have reached out to ask how I am doing and how they can support me.

When my daughter was born I decided to become a stay at home mom. So I wasn’t working at the time of my husband’s death and a freshly grieving, pregnant widow isn’t very employable. Now that my son is a couple months old, I am doing my best to find an income that will allow me to become self sufficient.

I’m also starting to get requests for me to speak. At the moment none of them are paid opportunities and I have to cover my own travel. I have an exciting opportunity to speak in Europe so I’m currently saving for that plane ticket.


If you have been impacted by my story and think others might be benefited too or you just would like to support me, there are a couple avenues you can do so.

I use PayPal:

and Cash App: $EricaRomanBlog

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