It was storming two nights before it happened. Jon was singing at a local restaurant and I knew he would have to drive home late in the bad weather. As I was attempting to fall asleep, listening to the thunder, I started to worry. I’ve never been the type to fixate on the worst-case scenarios, but that night I kept thinking, “What if he gets into an accident? What if he died on his way home?”

I could see the whole thing in my head. The police showing up at the door, going to the hospital, everything. I couldn’t fall asleep until I knew he was home safe even though it meant staying up a couple hours later than normal. I felt so silly imagining something that had such a small chance of happening, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of dread.

When the police really did show up at my door I had an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. How could what I saw in my worst imagination just a couple nights before be happening right before my eyes? I was trapped in a nightmare of my own imagination and I haven’t been able to escape.